XBMC Adult 18+ Add-on Repository

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hstegeman Offline
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(2015-06-27 02:28)strubdog Wrote:  What is the best scraper to use to Downloaded video's? I have tried using the cduniverse scraper, it does not seem to work.
I agree, most adult scraper have problems, or they don't work at all.

I am still making use of the adult movie scrapers, some work, some don't.

My conclusion about adult DVD scraping:

- It will scrape most of the adult movies, but it has a poster problem, my number 3.

- second best available scraper, my number 2.

- not working scraper.

- not working scraper. One year ago this was the best available adult scraper, by far........

- the best scraper available, but it doesn't work for DVD, it's also maintained.

- The best scraper available, my number 1.

- It can find some adult movies, but it's not reliable.


1. excaliburfilms.com
2. aebn.net
3. adultdvdempire.com

If data18.com would work for DVD adult movies, it would be my number one by far.
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dquaid Offline
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(2015-06-27 22:47)strubdog Wrote:  Most of the other scrapers except the Data18 Web Content scraper do not work. When trying to pull metadata for my dvd rips, I get nothing. I am forced manually create an .nfo file.

Probably because the search engine on the site can't handle the naming of your DVD, for some it has to match exactly. Also not all scrapers handle an nfo file.
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hstegeman Offline
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I did try to change pornhub to the better by changing the configuration files.
I did make a seperate file for gay, I couldn't make the categories work without making a seperation. I did also add hottest, most viewed, newest and top rated. To get them work alright, I did have to make seperate configuration files too.
If anybody has a solution adding all configuration files to one configuration file, let me know.

I did add all to one file again.

I did add some extra's:
- Pornstars, Channels, Playlists, Long Movies (> 10 min), Small Movies (< 10 min), HD Movies, Gay, Recommended, sorting options.
- Search for: Pornstars, Channels and Gay.
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hstegeman Offline
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Post: #184
It took me a while to understand the configuration files, but I don't see any problems anymore.
I did add several options:
- Cmds Pornhub:
(Channels|Playlists|Pornstars|Hottest|Most Viewed|Recommended|Top Rated)
- Videos Long (> 10 min), Videos Small (< 10 min), one time available.
- Search for Pornstar, Channel (No gay option).
- Categories:Production option (All, Professional, Homemade)
- Categories:Channels
- Categories:Channels Search
- Categories:Pornstars
- Categories:Playlists
- Sorting Videos(Featured Recently|Hottest|Longest|Most Viewed|Newest|Top Rated)
- Sorting Channels (A-Z|Most Popular|Most Recent|Trending)
- Sorting Playlists (Most Favorited|Most Viewed|Most Recent|Top Rated)
- Sorting|Search Channels (Most Popular/Most Recent/Trending)
- Sorting Pornstars|Search Videos|Videos Channels
(Alphabetical|Most Popular|Most Viewed|Most Subscribed|No. Of Videos|Top Trending|
Most Recent|Most Viewed|Top Rated)
- Sorting on Time span:Videos|Playlists|Pornstars
(All Time|Daily|Monthly|Weekly|
- Refine:A-Z|Channels|Pornstars
- Subcategories:(All|HD)
- Subcategories:Countries (For Hottest only)
- Subcategories:Straight|Gay
- Subcategories:Playlists
(Straight Playlists|Gay Playlists|Shemale Playlists)
- Network Sites


There is still one problem that I can't solve, when making use of a space in a search command, the second page will always fail.
By example:
If I search for Bobbi Starr, then I will see the first page without problems but the second page will never be available.
I have the idea the problem is related to the + character, and the translating of & to &amp;

By example the second search page of bobbi starr will be the next:
<a href="/video/search?search=bobbi+starr&amp;page=2" class="orangeButton">Next</a>

The website is making use of the next link:

&amp; has been changed to &.
Perhaps this problem chould be changed within videodevil python, or by the website.
Some website can execute the &amp; part without problems, the problem is also website related.

As a workaround I am not making use of spaces anymore:
To search for Bobbi Starr:
I am typing: Bobbi_Starr, I am making use of an underscore, that's working very well.



I think I did find a solution for the space problem.


def loadRemote(self, remote_url, recursive = True, lItem = None):

if enable_debug:
f = open(os.path.join(cacheDir, 'page.html'), 'w')
f.write('<Title>'+ curr_url + '</Title>\n\n')

#curr_url = urllib.unquote_plus(curr_url)
curr_url = urllib.unquote(curr_url)
req = Request(curr_url, None, txheaders)
handle = urlopen(req)

The only difference is that + signs are not replaced by spaces.

I did also change some of the configuration files etc.
See the next link:
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ThaMan Offline
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Post: #185
maybe a weird question but is there an option to add xxx streams from "gstream.to"
all the video's are hosted on FLASH or Streamcloud.

Maybe you guys can look into it and it to your add-on
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Allkind Offline
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(2015-06-04 06:32)neha_648 Wrote:  Thank you good plugin.
I wonder is there any plugin for sites like http://theporndude.com
That would be great if you can share

Even better if there would be one for http://thepornbuddy.com since it will get very popular in no Time,bro.


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