WMC PVR not working on Openelec

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ozkhan1 Offline
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Can someone please confirm which addon to use for Openelec for WMC PVR? I have Openelec Frodo and I used the Frodo OE addon but I keep getting broken error message.
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krustyreturns Offline
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For frodo the version should be 1.91. Which is a little out of date (we don't have anyone keeping openelect/xbian up to date anymore) - but it still works. If you are still getting the error, provide more detail about the error message.

Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
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LSU Jonno Offline
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You could also download OpenELEC beta version 3.95.2. SWMC works awesome on that version!
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goblygoop Offline
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I use OE Frodo and wmc 1.92 works just fine. I use the linux version (64 ati).
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