[Request] Auto Scroll library screensaver

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DerekCuster Offline
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Is it poison lie to create a screensaver that would actually scroll the library (push ->) ever 30 seconds or so?

So after x minutes of inactivity, screensaver kicks in, begins scrolling the movie library or a set playlist the user càn define.

Would something like this bd possible?

Much like slideshow, but actually scrolling the actual library. User then sees a interesting film and can just grab the remove and view from there.

Does this exist or mabe in progress?
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Rusti Offline
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The Slideshow Screensaver has the ability to use Fanart as images with the movie name in the bottom left. It does not have the ability to play the current movie on screen but it does show you a random display of all the movies and TV shows you have in your library. Great to either show off your library or remind you what you have!

/edit: Just reread your post. This probably doesn't answer your question. Whoops.
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