Mac OS X - EventServer help (PS3 remote)

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First off I'll get this out of the way. Coming from Windows about the ONLY thing I miss is Eventghost. If you know what I mean you feel my pain! Smile If you don't know, Eventghost it is the single most awesome piece of software for mapping any remote to control just about any aspect of Windows...ESPECIALLY XBMC.

I'm also too cheap and see too little value in purchasing Remote Buddy for almost $30.

Reading this Wiki it indicates that OSX XBMC will support the PS3 remote "out-of-box". But obviously I'm going to want to map the buttons the way *I* want them. I'm fairly good at tinkering and if someone pushes me down the right path I should be able to figure out how to do it. Is this a case of editing a keymaps file somewhere?

If I can't do this without having to purchase Remote Buddy on top of a bluetooth dongle and begging a PS3 remote off someone I'll just continue to use my iPhone or iPad to control XBMC but man, do I ever miss my Harmony remote from the PC-side of things!


Nevermind, I went with Flirc, which seems to be exactly what I need without the hassle.

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