Mac OS X - replacing mac osx with openelec

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Hoping someone can give me a hand in understanding what I'm doing wrong. I have an old Mac Mini 2006 core solo lying around so I upgraded the cpu to an intel core 2 duo @ 2.0ghz and installed a broad com crystalHD card as well. Minus the system not seeing the crystalHD card the mini boots and works like normal. I would like the mac mini to run solely on openelec, don't want it to dual boot. Essentially I had hoped to make the mini into an apple tv 1 gen with a dvd drive. I have tried to created the openelec usb install stick on a mac and a windows machine. Everything seems to go as it should but when I check the usb to see if all the files are there i have found that the auto run file is now where to be found. Ready to smash the mac mini against the wall, sooooo frustrated.

Please Help! What do I need to do to get this machine running? MAny thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions Smile
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