Metropolis Shows Black Background

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nolegrl Offline
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I started up my XBMC today on my ATV2 and my metropolis background was completely black. I could navigate my menus; however, I could not easily see what I was selecting. I changed skins and the other skin showed up normally, but as soon as I switched back to Metropolis the background was still black. I have not messed with the skin settings or made any changes that would cause this. Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix it? Thanks!
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jingai Offline
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I'm heading out of town in a few minutes so, best I can suggest at the moment is to try uninstalling the skin and reinstalling it.
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MacGyver Offline
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Sounds like your Textures.xbt or "Theme".xbt is corrupt or missing.
Confirm that if you're running non-Gotham that your themes are in the "themes" folder, and if you are running Gotham that they are in the "media" folder.
If you do like jingai said and it doesn't fix it, you can also try deleting your "guisettings.xml" file under "userdata, but doing so will wipe-out ALL of your current XBMC settings not just Metropolis. (use only as a last resort),

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