Customizing media info in the list views

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I'm using the Wide view because it seems to show me the most information. But it's still not as much as I'd like. Is there any way to get it to display more of the mediainfo in the list view instead of in the info box on the bottom of the screen. I want to be able to see that information whether or not I have that particular episode selected.

In particular, what I'd like to see (I know it looks greedy, but I'm listing it out in the likely event each piece of info has a different answer):

TV Episodes:
duration (this shows up in the list now, but only for the selected item),
numerical score (and for me this can replace the stars),
resolution / video codec
and audio information (ex dolby, 5.1),
full date instead of the year since every episode for a given season is going to be for the same year usually - or if that's not possible I'd just get rid of the year.

TV Seasons:
episodes and episodes watched (this shows up when selected right now),
year (I'm guessing this one isn't actually available or would need some sort of non-skin plugin to calculate it from the episode dates),

TV Shows:
numerical score rather than stars,
rating (G, PG, etc),
seasons, episodes, episodes unwatched (these are available now on selected item)

resolution / video codec,
numerical score rather than stars,
rating (G, PG, etc),
audio info (ex, aac 2.1)