Mac OS X - Win7 Xbmc server to Mac OSX Client via upnp

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I have tried to establish a connection from a xbmc server to a xbmc client via upnp for several hours and at some point it finally worked (windows media netwerk setting issue).

So know I am trying to use a Mac OSX machine as a client but have not been succsessful up until know. VLC will detect the media library, but it can not connect to it.
Also tried it with an Android phone (Nexus 4), no success.

Any Ideas if it is even possible? Xbmc is Gotham Beta 3

best regards
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Why are you trying to use VLC? If you want to use UPnP use XBMC. Otherwise just use NFS and connect to the media as a server. In the Finder you go to Go>Connect to Server (or command+k), type in local IP of your XBMC media server and you'll be able to see the shared media as a network drive.
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