Feature Request - Title "Now Playing" on movies and tv shows

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Thumbs Up  Title "Now Playing" on movies and tv shows
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Hi, i'm pretty new at this.. i don't know if there is a way to do this or if i personaly could modify it or u are planning on add this in a future version.
i've noticed that when i whatch tv shows or movies and press [Enter] to view the menu it doesn't display the name of the tv show, season and episode title, or movie title if that where the case.
Is there anyway i could add this feature? as i play lots of episodes on queue and sometimes idk wich episode is playing so would like to see the info on that screen. I realy love this skin and i believe that's the only thing is missing there... that and some music features... like random album, song.. idk.. stuff like suggestions according to what i'm playing right now... but i use my xbmc to watch movies and tv show mostly... so i realy care about the title info on the movies and tv shows, not as much as for the music, and i believe it would be a lot more work and not directly skin dependant.

So.. is there a way to display the movie / tvshow episode title on the 'pause menu' ?
idk how it's called Tongue the transparent screen while playing videos... where's the progres bar, play, rewind, fast forward, audio buttons, etc....

It displayes the current time and ending time, that's great, could there just under that display the Tv Show name, Season, episode number and title? or if it's a moivie, the year and movie title?

plz Blush

or if there's a way i could add it, plz tellme where and how? editing some xml or something?

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Hi - yeah sure just bring up the info screen whilst playing a video, it's usually the letter "I" on the keyboard controls to get this screen:

[Image: VideoInfoOSD_zpse07d4821.jpg]
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