Linux - NFS with both Frodo and Beta3

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kempy1000 Offline
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Post: #16
Gotham Beta 3 NFS works just fine with libnfs 1.8 and the symlink above. Thank you for all your help.
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derpuma Offline
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Can you explain a little mor in detail how and where to add the libnfs 1.8.0 and what is how to link?
I have an Archlinux ArmV7 Installation of XBMC latest Gotham Beta3 on my Utilite and NFS shows the mounts but is not able to brows in the directories.
I think it is the same issue...
I already copied the /usr/lib/ beside the /usr/lib/ and made a symlink with ln -s /usr/lib/libnfs.4 /usr/lib/
But this did not solve the problem. Still no NFS after reboot.
What did I do wrong? Help would be nice!!!
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