Thanks for keeping Neon going!

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stoli Offline
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A big thanks to Kib and bumpaneer and anyone and everyone else who is working to keep Neon alive. I'm back to being just and end-user and rarely get on here any longer so I really appreciate the work you guys are doing!

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dknudsen Offline
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Big +1 to that, great job guys!
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mattwakeman Offline
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I would also like to add a big +1 to this. When I first started with xbmc I was flitting between it and mediaportal but when I had some technical problems that meant that I had no choice (ish) to use xbmc the only thing that I missed from MP was the skin. Until I found neon that was. I have tried other skins but always ended up coming back to this one (and I haven't even looked at any others for over a year) because of its clean, dark lines and just overall elegance. Thank you both to stoli and Kib and everybody else for spending so much of their own time on something that gives people joy.

Many thanks chaps Smile
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Kib Offline
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Hey stoli,

Great to get your official blessing!
I didn't want to step on your toes as I 'took over' the publishing of Neon to the testing repository. Great to see you are taking it the way I hoped you would Smile

You'll be our most valued end user and I hope we can keep you enjoying your own skin for many versions to come.
If you ever want to get back into the development you are obviously more than welcome !

Feel free to point out bugs to us as well Smile

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STB_Caos Offline
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Thank you all guys, your works is simply amazing

your skin is the only which, at the same time, is easy to use, customizable and shows all the infos/arts in a complete, beautiful yet clean and minimalistic way...

I tried almost every skin I could, but your is THE skin.
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Kib Offline
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It's not only kept alive, it is now once more part of the official repository.

I'll make sure it'll stay there when Helix starts running along.
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And certainly after Stoli , we do not forget McBorzu , the man who had inspired Stoli to create this wonderful Skin

Big thanks to Kib
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