Varying CPU usage with Rasberry Pi model B

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Dick Drivel
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I have two of these running V12.2 Frodo (Openlec), set to 1280 x 720 x 50 with only 5 or 6 addons currently installed. Used memory: approx 12%, Confluence, stable external power supplies.
Until recently, both ran at approx. 20-30% CPU usage when idle (about 1-2 minutes after switching on).
Now, however, one of them idles at 80-100%. Same result whether connected via LAN cable or wireless. The settings are more or less the same for both units, though there must be some difference between the two that I am not catching.
Any ideas on what I might need to adjust to 'cool' the processor down to help improve stability?
TIA for your input,
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Most likely an add-on installed is doing stuff.
You can enable debug logging and check if the log is being continuously added too.

The way to fix it is to move .xbmc folder aside and reboot (this will have no settings or addons).
Leave it a while to finish updating the default add-ons and confirm the CPU is low again.

Then carefully enable your custome settings and installing add-ons checking after each change that cpu is still okay.

If you can remember installing an add-on recently you could just try disabling or uninstalling that.
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Dick Drivel
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Great, thanks for the tips, will give them a try.
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