Keyboard not working after update/Raspbmc

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Today when I turned on my Raspberry Pi running Raspbmc it started to update itself. I couldn't tell what was being updated, but when everything was said and done my wireless keyboard (Logitech K400r) was not working. I put new batteries in the keyboard, I moved the dongle to other USB ports, both on the RasPi and on a powered hub. Everything worked before this update, and I have no idea what direction to take to problem solve this issue.

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

Thank you
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If your have been on standard release updating, then you would have had an XBMC update (12.2 to 12.3) and an raspbmc update.
I'd guess that the problem might be in the driver modules (I don't suppose that you looked at the information from lsmod and lsusb before and after the update?)

I would ask this one in the raspbmc forums where you may find other people posting about issues for this new release

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