Issue With XBMC Crashing on Video Playback 10.6 OSX - Frodo 12.3

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I would first like to say I am a windows user. I am helping a friend set up her XBMC on her Macbook Pro. She is currently using Mac OS X 10.6.8 along with Frodo (12.3). She is having this problem where she can open XBMC, find her movies, etc. However when she clicks ANY link, the movie starts to load, goes to a black screen, and her XBMC just crashes to her Desktop. I read in another post that needed to be deleted but she cannot find it anywhere on her computer.

Please note, I am very unfamiliar with Macintosh. I am suspecting that she may be missing a codec for these videos? However I am not sure. I would greatly appreciate assistance in this matter.

Below is the error log via
find quote