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Smurre Offline
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So i just started to use this skin with the gotham build on my Ouya.
I like it so far, but is there anyway to remove for example music and weather and picture
on the home screen since i dont use my xbmc for those, was using Ace before had alot of customization.

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Hitcher Offline
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Location: Eastleigh, UK
Post: #2
All the conditions were coded to hide whatever you wanted I just forgot to add the settings. Wink

All done for v0.9.3.
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mentex Offline
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Post: #3
is it also possible to change the pic of movies, tv shows on the homescreen?
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ScottyRads Offline
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Post: #4
I would also like to know how to change the home images.
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gizmotoy Offline
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Post: #5
Same. I mentioned it in the other thread. IMO, the current ones don't really match the rest of the skin. Something stylized and monotone would look great, I think.
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