TV resumes from standby automatically when playing media? Why?

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Hi all,

I'm running gotham beta5 on my raspberry pi. Since I have a smartphone from apple, I tend to use the built-in airplay feature quite often, but there is one thing that I dislike.

When I want to listen to music, I usually start spotify on my phone and stream to xbmc via airplay. The TV is powered-off, the rpi is always online, and the audio from the pi goes directly in my sound receiver. Therefore there is no need for the TV to be switched on.

So the music begins playing for about 2 seconds, then there is a gap, when the TV resumes from standby. Afterwards the music continues to play fine, but now I have to manually switch off the TV again.

1. Why is there such a behaviour? Does it have to do with the HDMI/CEC functionality of my Samsung TV?
2. If so, is there a setting I can use so that the TV does not ever go out of standby automatically?

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In XBMC go to Settings, input devices, pulse eight CEC device, you'll find a whole series of settings related to CEC, there will be one you can change to prevent the TV waking or changing input source when playback is started. I have most of these settings disabled as I don't want the TV automatically changing inputs etc, I only use CEC to use the TV remote to control XBMC.

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Perfect. Thank you!
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