[RELEASE] Super Favourites AKA Super-Addon Creator

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spoyser Offline
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(2017-05-13 14:28)MediaPi Wrote:  Hey Sean, I'm throwing this out there.

(Possible future) Super Favourites enhancement

Super Favourites Community (SFC) (possibly a separate addon)

an addon that lets you browse your own super favourites folder and "share" them to anyone.

How It can work.

Open Super Favourites Community addon.

-browse and share own super favourites folder
-search community through tags
-most popular shared super folder
-latest added shared super folder

go into -browse and share own super favourites folder

find one and

-context menu
-share super favourites folder

a window pops up asking you if you want to change the name of the folder, any tags you want to attach, such as movies, childrens, etc

then enter to share.

now if you want to add a super favourites folder from the SFC addon. find a super favourites addon that interests you, right click and add to Super Favourites.

How It can work.... No idea lol
can you not store the super favourites folder xml in an email like gmail.

Problems I can see.
If a user has used an image for a folder that is stored locally on their system, this will not transfer over in the xml file.

anyway I thought it sounded pretty cool, the next evolution of super favourites. basically letting people create their own addon and sharing it.

oh yeah I forgot to mention, if the users doesnt have the required addon, how would they install it easily and the associated repo?

Its a big project I bet so I doubt you'll take it on, but what do you think of the concept Sean?

Sounds like a lot of effort for something that I doubt is needed, the whole point of SF was so that an individual could could fully customize it so that all the Kodi functionality that THEY use is in single location. Not so that they could be recommended stuff by other users.
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MediaPi Offline
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Thanks Sean and your right.
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malvinas2 Offline
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(2017-05-14 17:52)spoyser Wrote:  1) Can you let me know the name of an addon that doesn't work. Just to confirm that the way this is supposed to work is that a Super Folder, if it hasn't got fanart set (or thumbnail) it will display the fanart of the first item in that folder.
No, I can't Frown As mentioned I had added manually all missing fanarts, but I don't remember in retrospect which ones have been affected or not.
Today I updated to .58 of SF, deleted all entries in my favourites.xml and added them another time and now everything seems to work correctly. "Show fanarts" also works.

Thank you very much!
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ed_davidson Offline
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Confirmed version 58 global menu now works again. Thank you Sean
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AL8782 Offline
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(2017-05-14 13:15)spoyser Wrote:  
(2017-05-10 04:02)AL8782 Wrote:  Not sure if it is me, but global menu stopped showing after update. I had to go back to previous version for global menu to work for me again

(2017-05-10 06:47)ed_davidson Wrote:  
(2017-05-10 04:02)AL8782 Wrote:  Not sure if it is me, but global menu stopped showing after update. I had to go back to previous version for global menu to work for me again

Correct, I'm having the same or similar issue. If I was playing a Youtube video in full screen then I could bring up the OSD and click the X. That would launch the LaunchSFMenu.py and bring up the option to download the Youtube video.

Since the update, I just takes me to Now playing video.

Would love this to work again.

Thanks Sean, Great to have you back Smile

Can you try this:


Don't worry I released it as version 1.0.58 Smile

Thanks Spoyser,

I'll test it out tomrrow. Haven't had a chance to get on my box.
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StreamSlayer Offline
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Was hopeful that your latest efforts at an update would resolve my issue but I just updated to and am still getting same result.

Hoping that the included pic along with a summary of my issue might lead someone to an idea of what I've done wrong or need to do to fix.

Thanks in advance!

[Image: KODI%20shot_zps8wq38jst.jpg]

- Running KODI via a little MyGica box that I control using either the included remote or, preferably, a Logitech usb keyboard with touchpad.

- Was able to start SF without issue and go into settings, create folders and subfolders and have SF import them into KODI faves

- Can view any movie title / program / season / episode and launch directly from searches or KODI Faves simply by hitting Enter on keyboard

- BUT, if I go into the folders added by SF (either via SF Addon or via KODI Faves), hitting Enter has no effect at all other than a very brief launch noise and graphic (spinning orange circle) that lasts half a second and then nothing. Won't even enter a TV program title to view seasons or individual episodes. Holding down the Enter key and bringing up a submenu with options such as Play from Here etc has no better effect

At the end of the day, I can watch any of the titles I've organized in SF by exiting SF or Faves and searching for it using standard KODI mechanics so even if it never works as intended, it still serves as a great way to organize my Faves for reference. But would be great to fix entirely

Please feel free to reply with questions for further clarification.

Thanks again
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