Windows - XBMC and Remote control apps for iOS/Android

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What I have is:

Intel Atom 330/nVidia chipset shoebox pc
XBMC application on Windows 7 Home Premium
Half-size mPCIe 802.11n wireless.

It connects to my home's network, as does my 6th gen iPod Touch, and my Moto Droid 3, (so we're not dealing with getting to this box from the WAN side of the Linksys)

It's got a load of MP3 and M4A files, and from the remote apps, I can select songs, and queue them to play, but I can only browse them from fourth option on the remote apps, (the one that allows you to browse the music directories directly from the filesystem..)

Search never returns any hits, Albums, Artists, and Genres all say no items found

I've tried disabling the firewall in Windows but that didn't help.

Any help at all would be appreciated.
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