URL for Active Recordings vs. URL for Completed Recordings

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Actually, I meant a directory listing of the shared folder itself. After reading your response, I realized that you probably don't work with those routines in Kodi, as they are irrelevant to the operation of the Live TV Plugin.

I think I may have found a work-around that solves the problem though. I've configured Linux to permanently mount the Recorded TV folder. I'm testing that fix now and will let you know whether it works.. Smile

(2015-01-26 19:58)krustyreturns Wrote:  Hi advocate,

By doing a directory listing, you mean have the addon request the recordings list from swmc just before an item is played? If so, I think its possible but only if the RequestAllRecordings setting is true too, so that all playing of recordings gets routed through the addon.

As for the mounted share idea, we do something similar for mbs running in linux, but it also requires a fairly substantial change to the addon.

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