Updating XBMC library

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Have only been using program for a few days, but love it.

However, the main problem I have is that any changes I make in this program to tags is not easily reflected the XBMC library. I have scraper set to local nfo files. I have to change the scraper to something else, eg TMDB, and then back to local nfo for the chanes to come through. With over a 100 movies this takes a while.

I am doing something wrong? What settings should I be using?

I am using XBMC 13 beta 3
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Have not used XBMC13 yet, but TMM just writes the tag into the NFO file.

IIRC, up to Frodo the issue is, that updates to NFOs are not found while doing a (re-)scan in XBMC.
You need to remove the movie completely from the XBMC library (or force an reload via the JSON webservice)
This might apply to XBMC13 aswell...?!

(JSON update is on our long to-do list)

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