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So... seeing so many fancy rigs and creative solutions in this Showcase, I thought I might, while not the most fancy of systems - chip in with mine Smile

[Image: xbmc_zpsc941cecb.jpg]

Rears on DIY, height-adjustable stands:

[Image: xbmc_stands_zps4e322abe.jpg]

HTPC / Storage :
  • Intel NUC DN2820FYKH. 4GB Crucial CT51264BF160B, 120GB Kingston SSDNow V300
  • Loshine wireless keyboard w/ trackball, Lenovo RC6 MCE Remote
  • As of post: Windows 8.1 Pro, XBMC Gotham Beta 4
  • "Cheap from china" C-media CM106 USB soundcard (for 5.1 analog and S/PDIF out)
  • ZyXEL NSA-325v2 NAS, 2x2TB WD Green
  • CiragoLink+ USB NAS, 3x2TB WD Essensials
    • AV equipment:
      • Sharp Aquos 60" LC60LE651E "Smart" 3D TV.
      • PS3, early rev.
      • Panasonic BD60 BluRay player
      • NAD T754 6x70 WRMS / 8 ohm AV Receiver
      • Rotel RB-985 5x100 WRMS / 8 ohm THX Power Amplifier
      • Dali Ikon 2 Vokal MK2 center speaker
      • Dali 606 - 3x6.5" + dome, Front speakers
      • Earthquake Platine NoireĆ© rears, on DIY height-adjustable stands
      • Cerwin-Wega LW-10-X 10" subwoofer

      Luckily the significant other cares more about actual performance. than WAF Smile And yes. I blacked out some cable mess, just got the 60" in today and need to rearrange the whole cabling soon. Must be 10 power cables & warts, 2xTP, 3xHDMI, 6xRCA + assorted speaker cable and interconnects jumbled up back there. Also need to shimmy up the TV, so the center speaker doesn't block the IR transmitter for the 3D glasses.

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looks good
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