The Complete Guide: Kodi (XBMC)/Windows Media Center/ServerWMC and More

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(2015-12-10 19:09)hernandito Wrote:  Hi Guys... Does this work for sending DRM Live TV channels from a . WMCServer to an Openelec Kodi htpc?

No, Dude! Rolleyes
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The latest stable version of serverwmc (1236) needs to manually installed, instead of relying on auto updates. You can get the install file from here:

sorry for the inconvenience. Once this version is installed, auto updates will resume as before.

Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
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(2014-04-23 06:32)advocate99 Wrote:  10. Configure ServerWMC as follows:

General/Start when Windows Starts: Checked
General/Minimize to System Tray: As you desire
General/Close box minimizes to system tray: Unchecked

Folders: Enter the network path to this folder: Change computer name to the IP address of your Windows computer and verify that share name is correct. Click


Folders: Click “Use Credentials for non-windows Kodi clients” and then enter the username/password you created in step 6. Click Save

Alternatively, you can leave this box unchecked and set-up the credentials in Kodi’s file manager by adding the Windows Media Center shared folder as a source and then clicking on the box journey on phenq to save the credentials. If you choose this route, do the following in Kodi:

System/File Manager/Add source/

Change “none” to:


(replace with the IP address of your Windows machine)

When the “lock screen” opens, type in the username and password, click “Remember for this path,” and then click “OK.”

You may receive a warning indicating that your Recorded TV folder is not shared publicly, but you can ignore that warning if you’ve followed these instructions correctly.

Live TV/Set the maximum … Live TV Stream: 4 (or as you desire)
Live TV/Enable prime viewing time: Check
Start/End: As desired

Recordings/Remux active recordings: Checked
Recordings/Append episode title to series tile for recordings using: Checked
Recordings/Append episode title to series tile for recordings using: Title - Episode.

Channels/Channel display format ...:{0} ({1})

Kodi PVR Client

On each Kodi machine, install the PVR Client add-on (zip file) you downloaded when you downloaded ServerWMC by doing the following:

System/Settings/Add-ons/Install from zip file

Kodi will then open the Kodi Browser. Use the up and down arrows to select the folder and then the .zip file you want, and then click on it. Kodi will install the add-on.

System/Settings/Add-ons/Enabled Add-ons/PVR Clients/Windows Media Center Client.../Configure

Enter the IP Address of your Windows Media Center computer in the "Server Hostname or IP" field and select "OK".

Next, enable Live TV in Kodi:

Settings/Live TV/Enabled: Checked
Settings/Live TV/Use backend channels numbers: Checked
Settings/Live TV/EPG/Days to Display EPG: 14 days
Settings/Live TV/Recording/Display a notification … timer updates: Uncheck

Settings/Live TV/EPG/Reset EPG Database: Select and click "Yes".

Note: If you make any settings changes that affect the Program Guide, it is always a good idea to execute the above to reset the database, especially if your changes appear to have no effect at first.

One you’ve done this, a new option should appear on the main Kodi screen called “TV" ("Live TV" on older versions of Kodi). Once you’re in that section, clicking the left arrow will open a sidebar that allows you to choose from all of the available options. I recommend you start by doing this:

Live TV/Recordings: Highlight a recording/Right Click/Sort by Date (twice)

I have been trying to install i followed the guide but it crashes everytime i restart so i have do it again
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