MMA / UFC Scraper which work with Frodo / Gotham

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I'm looking to find a UFC/MMA scraper for Frodo / Gotham as I've done a little searching and it seems the two which have been successful in the past are no longer getting any work / attention.

This one here: - Works fine but adds all the UFC events into my main movies collection which isn't what I'm after. I'd like to add the UFC events as its own submenu under a 'Sports' menu I have along side the usual Movies, TV Shows etc on the front page.

This one - MMA Browser - From what I can tell its a dead and only suitable for older XBMC versions so no longer functions.

Anyone else looked into the MMA scraping world on Frodo/Gotham?

I'm a relative XMBC noob so I maybe missing something very obvious here so any words of guidance appreciated.
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I have been looking for a scraper for ythis as well, it seems silly to have to have sportr considered a movie or tv, its neither.

At the moment I have to use a sherdog scraper, tag it as MMA and have mma/movies as a section while all other films are tagged as movies.

I am no good at programming or making scrapers but this would seem like a great addition to XBMC a sports section dedicated to just sport
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