using the Active flag in the channel manager

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So my mother in law has an RPie that I gave her as her set top box. I have a button on the remote mapped to the Guide, and it is a little slow to come up and navigate. It was actually horrendous, but It got a lot better when I changed all my channel icons to be solid colors and not contain clear backgrounds. But I have 120 channels active in my myth tv setup, however she only needs a subset. She doesn't need the 30 sports channels and music channels. I was hoping that I could just set the channels to be not active in the channel manager on her xbmc install, but that doesn't seem to do anything. I can set the epg data to be inactive, and then reset the epg data, which removes the channels from the Guide, but they still show up as valid channels in the rest of the system.

Any ideas?

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