Linux - Asus/HP/Acer/Dell ChromeBox EZ Setup (OpenELEC/Linux+Kodi) [2015/08/24]

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Quote:the ChromeBox is just another x86 system, will run just about any modern OS. I'd probably give OE 4GB to be safe.

I have a multiboot installation with ChromeOS. After having a look at the partitions i guess resizing the OpenElec partition won't be that easy if even possible.
If i get this right i will have to move around several partitions in order to get some space for the Openelec installation. Looks like this is not a good idea.
I will need to reinstall, am I right? Any other option?

Here is my partition table:

Number Start End Size File system Name Flags
11 32.8kB 8421kB 8389kB RWFW
9 8422kB 8423kB 512B reserved
10 8423kB 8423kB 512B reserved
2 10.5MB 27.3MB 16.8MB KERN-A
4 27.3MB 44.0MB 16.8MB KERN-B
8 44.0MB 60.8MB 16.8MB ext4 OEM msftdata
12 128MB 145MB 16.8MB fat16 EFI-SYSTEM boot, esp
5 145MB 2292MB 2147MB ext2 ROOT-B
3 2292MB 4440MB 2147MB ext2 ROOT-A
1 4440MB 14.7GB 10.2GB ext4 STATE msftdata
6 14.7GB 14.9GB 262MB ext2 KERN-C
7 14.9GB 16.0GB 1074MB ext2 ROOT-C
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It can be done, but it's probably easier to just back up your existing OE data, then do a factory reset with the recovery media and then re-run the script and choose a larger partition this time

Questions about Kodi on an Asus/HP/Acer/Dell ChromeBox?

Check out the wiki and my EZ install script

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