3D Enabler Samsung TV

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Hi All,

Does anyone know the key code combination for a UE40ES6300?

At the moment when I select to view a 3D movie from XBMC 13 it opens the 3d menu but doesnt select side by side and doesnt close.

Also, can i use this add on to tell XBMC the type of 3d to enable? CUrrently I get a menu asking what type I want and I have to select "Same as movie" option.

I just want it to always default to SBS

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on my tv I changed the combination so that it goes down to the cancel button & then back up to the options before going right to the SBS. This forces the selection to the beginning of the options as the TV remembers the last option used & if you go right from there it will choose the wrong option 5 out of 6 times!

The command is something like "3D,P3000,DOWN,P1200,UP,P1200,RIGHT,1200,EXIT,P1200".

I can't quite remember about the setting for xbmc asking which option, but think it's in the video menu. Will see if I can find it later, unless someone beats me to it.
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