Master Thread for Guides, Tutorials, and Common Problems on Windows

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HOW TO - Fix Loss of HDMI Audio After Resume from Sleep Using EDID Override

This tutorial is to address the loss of sound caused by the disconnection of an audio device after Windows resumes from Sleep. This commonly occurs when display and audio devices are connected via HDMI to a PC. Although the device is connected, Windows believes it has been turned off and sound is cut-off. A reboot of Windows will fix this issue in most cases, but this is not a permanent solution. This happens most often when Windows is put to Sleep rather than powered off completely.

HOW TO - Solve audio problems + video stutter (audio induced)

Covers typical problems introduced by incorrectly configured audio
No Audio
Video stutter
Video choppy
Video jerky
Slow playback
No HD audio either DTM-MA audio or TruedHD audio
Slow frames per second ( FPS) when playing video
WASAPI crackling or distortion (see Section 7)
Low volume on PCM track or when transcoding (see Section 7)
Dolby Digital Plus (EAC3) can't currently be bitstreamed for decoding on a AVR, however it can be decoded within XBMC to Multichannel LPCM by unselecting the option "Dolby Digital (AC3) capable receiver"

HOW-TO use a Logitech Harmony Remote with XBMC

Guide to setting up Logitech Harmony for XBMC

IR / RF Remote Controls for Windows: Links to Explanations, Tutorials, and Guides

Tutorials and guides for getting your remote control to work with XBMC for Windows.

Black Screen when fullscreening

Problem with black screening on video playback
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