bricked atv520e

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Hey guys.. i just recieved my mygica atv520e... here is my story..

I plugged it, and sadly found out that the android rom that was installed was not the one advertised for the box, but a normal android rom, which didnt even have play store!
Plain android, without the fancy desktop they have on the pictures of the ad.

So, frustrated, i thought i should fix it myself, instead of contacting the seller, since i bought it online from china (i am in europe).

So i followed step by step from a thread here and updated. I made a mistake and it bricked.
So i found another thread, and clicked the button underneath, plugged on, wiped data and cache and installed the two files i downloaded from mygica website, by the order i should.

Then i selected reboot, and now when i plug, i see mygica logo for half a second, and then i am stuck to android logo.
I tried to press the button underneath and plug to flash again the rom, but the menu never appears. Instead i get mygica and then android logo.
Can anyone help me please? I dont want to lose my money for nothing...
Thank you.
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If you have an XBMC issue then we can help you. As this is not an XBMC issue then my advice would be to go to one of the dozens, if not hundreds, of other websites/forums that' are dedicated to helping people out with general Android issues
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