Mac OS X - Laggy remote - how to edit 'sequence delay time'??

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I'm experiencing laggy performance with my Logitech Harmony 650 remote.

I have it (finally!) working great with the Plex remote configuration, but there's a good half-second delay between pressing a key and having anything happen on my Mac.

I've tried altering the remote's in-built delay/repeat settings, and have set them to values other users swear work perfectly (100ms delay, 1 repeat), but I'm still looking at a good quarter to half-second lag on when browsing XBMC.

I found an option under 'Input Devices' for something called 'sequence delay time' and this is set at 500ms, so I'm wondering if this is a cause? It's unfortunately greyed out so I can't alter it, but if I could, would this help things? And if so, how do I go about editing it??
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