Hardware for XBMC and 3D Gaming

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aviadavi Offline
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PS and XBOX can run games like PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) smoothly and they are something around 200$.

I want a hardware that will be good enough (Smoothly, HD, can have external storage, no lags, etc.) to run XBMC and that will be able also to run 3D games like PES 2014.

It can be dual booted.

Do you think this can be achieved in one hardware?

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DJ_Izumi Offline
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In this case, XBMC would be the secondary consideration. Whatever box you build that's suitable for 3D gaming will by default be more than enough for XBMC.

Kinda like how I built a workstation for doing visual effects on and by default, it's a decent gaming box. Smile
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weicoo Offline
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I personally don't think this can be achieved in on hardware around 200$Smile
Building a gameing PC can help you do the job, but in order to enable 3D feature, do need a decent GPU, which the total cost is much more then 200$. In addition, i guess you're into football games, only FIFA and PES are currently worth playing.I would recommend you get a game console and build a htpc. Let them do their work separatelySmile
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Dundy Offline
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I think it's impossible to be realized with just $200 Blush
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