DTS, DD 5.1, SPDIF, Mac mini and Gotham

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First of all excuse my bad english.

Since i installed in my Mac Mini Mid 2010 XBMC Gotham, i cant get DTS or DD 5.1 sound through SPDIF. I checked and re checked the audio settings, but only can find HDMI 5.1 setup, nothing about the optical output as the older versions of XBMC. And same result stereo in my receiver even i tried to change the audio settings while a movie is playing passtrough modes. Nothing.
After reinstalling Frodo again, no problem to play DTS or DD content again.

Any idea to do try to solve this problem?


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Read the wiki on Settings (wiki)! Gotham has Tiered settings levels, to find the passthrough modes you need to be on "advanced" level. If it didn't work from the OSD that's probably because you have a wrong "passthrough device" selected there or not checked the toggles for DTS/AC3 compatible receiver.
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set speakers to 2.0 and enable the passthrough options and you should be fine.

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Thank you juramusguer and Menphiz with your help the problem solved, the key was enable the advanced settings using Confluence skin.

Thanx again and greetings from spain.
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