Cannot Find the Add-on

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ghost5 Offline
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I feel really stupid here but I cannot find the add-on for NextPVR

I am running windows 7 and Gotham 13.1 beta

If I go to
Add-ons PVR add-ons it is empty

Add-ons All Add-ons PVR Clients I can see Argus, DVBlink, PVR IPTV, WMC client

I have found a version from 26-11-13 which was meant to work with Gotham but it won't manually install

Many thanks for your help

Just downgraded to 13.0 and found it no problem
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kricker Offline
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With the add on installed now, you should be able yo upgrade to the betas and the add on will stay installed. Although if the add on API changes and no new add on is included, the add on may be reported as broken.

Read this before using these builds.
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donbrew Offline
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Would be nice if you told us where you found it!

Now another couple of hours down the drain searching.
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asdre Offline
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So... Am I to assume to add on is broken?
Or will the Kricker enlighten us on where to find it?
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sub3 Online
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(2014-11-06 21:01)asdre Wrote:  So... Am I to assume to add on is broken?
Or will the Kricker enlighten us on where to find it?
No, it's not broken, and I checked it's still there in default install on Windows. I assume it's there in other platforms too, but I don't use these other platforms, so can't check for you.

Do you see the other PVR addons, like Argus, Mediaportal, etc?
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