iPad - How to: Volume mute / unmute

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peehoo Offline
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I am using OpenElec - Intel Nuc - XBMC combination. With remote controll I have 2 iPads and one WP8 phone with xbmc remote controll software.

In this wp8 remote control app is mute button but I cannot find it anywhere in iPad app. And if there is mute on -> then I haven't found a way to unmute from iPad app. How i mute / unmute with this app? UndecidedUndecided

Am I stupid?

Here in my wp8 app capture: [Image: R9GDeBe.png]

Btw... this wp8 app can be found: http://www.windowsphone.com/fi-fi/store/...a6bf9c8556

edit: Really!! nobody have this kind of mute/unmute situation?
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joethefox Offline
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eheh there isn't a mute-unmute button. If you have your XBMC muted, then unmute it in the way it was muted.
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wozzer Offline
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hi, this is my first query and not sure i have logged my query right! I have just started to get the red mute button and cannot remove it. i have the apple tv box and remote. thanks
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