Unable to Setup Anything Other than RECORD ONCE

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I'm using a slightly modified version of the confluence skin and have copied RecordPrefs.xml into the skin directory so that I can get the advanced recording capabilities. I'm running NextPVR 3.2.9. The problem I'm having is that if I try and setup anything other than a RECORD ONCE recording, I get an error message from XBMC. I did also try with the default Confluence skin with the same results. Here's a log where I try every option is succession.


I noticed that on every failure I see something in the log that says something like this:
ERROR: PVR - AddTimer - addon '' returned an error: the command failed

NextPVR is definitely running (I can connect to it using XNEWA and, as I said, a record once recording works).

BTW, if I paste the URL from one of the failed attempts into my browser, I get the following XML response from NPVR:
<rsp stat="fail">
<err code="2" msg="Invalid Args"/>
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