Windows - Frodo 12.3 -> Gotham 13.1 and dts passthrough

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Exclamation  Frodo 12.3 -> Gotham 13.1 and dts passthrough
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Hello and sorry to bother.
Today I updated my XBMC from Frodo 12.3 to Gotham 13.1 and the first thing that I find out is that the dts passthroug doesn't seem to work properly.

My XBMC is installed on an intell HTCP and connected to a Yamaha RX-V467.
Never had an issue untill the upgrade.
With Frodo every time I launched a movie with DTS or AC3 coding the yamaha receiver stepped in and if you tried to touch the volume inside the xbmc a message appeared saying that a passthough device was working etc etc. Also the sound ... sorry for the word joke, sound as a proper DTS track and audio.

I did a clean instal of ONLY XBMC, went in the settings like I always do, changed to expert and selected the dts thingy.

I started a movie and well it doesn't work: the audio works, not in dts move ofcourse and there is actuall pass-through work in progress.

I would like to know if this is know problem, a new feature where dts doesn't work at all or anything else.

For now I will revert back to the 12.3 again, at least I know there all works properly.

Please let me know!
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It does work. (Or it should!).

Screenshot of audio settings and debug log please.

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Yep, should work just fine.
Please upload a debug log

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