IPTVSimple on ATV2 with VodafoneTV (DSL)

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ei18 Offline
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I try to get IPTV running on my ATV2 box - installed Gotham 13.0.0 and IPTVSimple and IPTV seems to run fine, but the picture is always lagging behind, pixelizes, audio stopps and so on. I have the impression, that the ATV2 does not have enough power to decode the stream. No bandwith issue.

Tried advancedsettings.xml to increase caching and minvideocachelevel up to 500, did not help. Any other ideas?

Does anyone have simpleiptv running sucessfully on an appletv?
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Sharocck Offline
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Hi there I am new to the iptv. I have installed xbmc on my jail broken Apple TV and installed the simple player from Pvr section. Not sure how to proceed and get and add a m3u playlist and I am struggling . Can you please guide me?
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