[Mod Request] Metadata Actors for Aeon Nox 5

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Can anyone here with coding experience tell me how to modify Aeon Nox version 5 to work with metadata actors? I am using both Aeon Nox 4.1.9 and version 5. Currently, I can look-up all of the titles in my collection from a specific actor or director. But I would also like to have the ability to access their complete filmography as well as upcoming projects.

I was looking to this thread for inspiration where a forum member added code to a modified version of Confluence. I don't know XML well-enough to repeat this feat in Aeon Nox. I can get the script to run for Director/Writer but I'm lost on how to create pop-up to allow a choice between titles in my library and the artist's bio:


Instructions on how to add Metadata Actors from the Metadata Actors thread:
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