Release - yarc for mobile: NEW with device Orientation Navigation!

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Rainbow  yarc version 0.6.0 is aviable!
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Hi all,

i updated yarc. a big update:
now it's possible to navigate with the deviceOrientation event. It's still quite Beta and I need your opinion!

there is no desciption yet. Maybe in the next release there will be a demo video.

how to use it:
- you need a device which supports it (modern mobile phones should do it)
- on the first page there is now a swith where you can activate it. if there is no switch, your browser does not support it, so there is no sense to even show it
- how to navigate:
- if you are in the "navigation section":
- hold your phone normally in portrait view (not landscape!), as you use it normally
- if you go with the upper edge down, until it's lower than on a table, it goes down
- if you go with the upper edge in your direction until its more than straigt up, it goes up
- if you lean your upper edge to the right, it goes right
- accordingly with left
- if are in "player" mode, you can jump to the next or prev. playlist item with the right or left move
- if your phone is facing with screen down the a flat surface, it pauses
- if you take your mobile normaly in the hands again, it continues playing

Be aware, it's a battery killer, so switch the service of if you don't need it! you need to try it out a bit i guess. sorry.

i tested it with a nexus4, android5 and firefox, maxthon and chrome, also with iphone4+5 (i think). in iphone, the play/pause function is not working.

i would really apreciate feedback! pls also tell me which device, operating system and browser you use.

here the changelog:
Version 0.6.0
- Device Orientation Navigation: navigate through changing the oriantation of your device
* works with mobiles/tablets and it's browsers who support the deviceOriantion API
* Navigate up down left right and also go to next or previous songs
* if you lay your device facing down on the table it pauses, take it in you hands again to play
- send now all Youtube Vidos to Video Playlist instead of music playlist
- Say it if in searches (addons, movies, music) no items are found
- remove season in tv Series, if thre are no items to show and write information
- replaced star-rating function: now it only displays one star with rating
- some cleaning up / optimise java script code
- Footer Bar: toggle button now bigger and slightly transparent when footer not visible
- don't show preview images im popup backgrounds, for TV-Show-Titles, footer and youtube items
- in some browsers (mostly non-mobile) the playlist can be sortet with drag-and-drop

Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for mobile (touch and small screen) devices and has support for Device Orientation (rotate your device to navigate).
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