Release - yarc for mobile: NEW with addon browsing!

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Hi tuxfuxch
Having the same problem as Vorsku (works great on 14.2, but errors due to wrong file structure in 15 and 15.1). I hope you will make an update, since yarc by far is the best solution for me when it comes to web interfaces on a phone.

My setup:
Kodi is running on Linux Mint 17 and my phone is a Jolla with Sailfish OS, which has rocked my world for about half a year :-)
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tuxfuxch Offline
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Hi all, sorry, was busy and far far away (in my mind).

the issue was already brought to me over github. Bad news: i spent hours and could not figure it out. i updated to 15.1 and eversince it is not working. I even installed a windows 10 in a virtual machine to make the zip files (and remembered again why i don't like this OS very much).

i am working on it, but actually ran out of ideas. i try hard to achieve it as soon as i have more time. i am so sorry. If you find a solution: i am desperate Wink

but thanks for the kind words, helps for motivation.

Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for mobile (touch and small screen) devices and has support for Device Orientation (rotate your device to navigate).
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