How to change movie set poster art in gotham 13.1

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hi guys,

just upgraded to gotham 13.1 and so far i like it. the biggest advantage is the movie set editor that has been included, as i no longer have to use a separate program to change these items. however one question i have about using the movie set editor tool has to do with which movie posters it uses for the set itself.

what i want to happen is when i go to change art tab, i want to be able to change the cover art of existing movie in the set already. what it currently is doing is using the poster from whatever movie appears first alphabetically in the movie library. my poster art comes from whatever the scraper manages to pull together, usually with several options, but these options arent availble as movie set posters.

for example, i have a movie set labeled The Addams Family Collection. it has 2 movie inside named The Addams Family & Addams Family Values. due to the fact that alphabetically Addams Family Values is scraped first, it is thereby made the default cover art for the movie set. so is it possible to able to set movie set cover art to existing posters from the individual movies themselves, or am i going to have to manually download poster art and choose it manually? if that is the case is there a recommended site for this type of artwork (i have yet to find a decent one and all art work i get ends up severely blurred when viewed in xbmc) and what resolution/pixel size is appropriate? im using gotham 13.1, standard confluence skin in either 1280x720 or 1366x768 resolutions.

i apologize if this is already answered or covered already or if the option is already there and i am blind to see it.
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Downloading "set" artwork (poster, fanart etc.) manually is what you normally have to do, but for assigning this artwork to your sets you can use the Movie Set Artwork Automator addon.

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