Mac OS X - Newbie help please! streaming to iMac through Airplay not working

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Am a newbie technophobe running 10.9.3 Mavericks
I have just downloaded the latest version of XBMC and followed all the instructions.
But since clicking allow airplay to work nothing else happens.

Once XBMC is opened i see a box saying incoming connection deny or allow (however the mouse won't let me click "allow" as the cursor is behind the warning window!)
This happens with Skype when its been updated, however i can always click allow.
I went to the firewall setting in system preferences and changed that to allow but the airplay is still not working Confused

Both iMac wifi and iPhone wifi are the same.
Airplay icon shows on my iPhone 4s (which it never used to) but when i click to play music it only plays through phone and not iMac.

Question what am i doing wrong please?
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