pvr.mythtv add-on

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(2015-03-22 20:37)janbar Wrote:  Probably your mythtv setup uses IPv6 addresses but you haven't IPv6 infrastructure => remove IPv6 addresses in your mythtv setup, replacing with "::1".
Any IPv6 addresses look like "FE80:..." are not usable outside the backend host.

EDIT: I will add a note in the new github io page to help user to configure its backend. You haven't this issue using mythfront because it runs in the same host of its backend.

In addition to the IPv6 change, I had to remove the checkmark next to Listen on Link-Local addresses.
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I have Kodi (Android, most current available) installed on a WeTek Play with the mythtv.pvr addon. Backend is MythTV 0.27 -> v0.27.4-41-gf1115fc. Everything seems to be working well, video is smooth, audio is there, etc. However, on 3 of my channels (LiveTV or Recordings), all of which happend to be 720p channels, the audio drifts out of sync with the video. It typically starts out in sync, then slowly gets further and further ahead of the video to the point where it is literally almost a minute or two ahead. I am new to using Kodi as a Myth frontend, so can anyone help me start troubleshooting this? I have tried different settings in the system settings with no luck.

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Hi Jean-Luc,

I'm using openelec 4.2.1 with cmyth plugin v 1.9.16 as a frontend for my MythTV backend running on FreeBSD.

So far so good.

I'm thinking about upgrading to openelec 5 - which uses the newer version of MythTV plugin - 1.11.3

The problem is with character encoding (I live in Czech Republic) in the entire EPG. See attached screenshots. I also tested this behavior on Windows+xbmc/kodi combinations - it's the same.

Would you be so kind and give me some advice where to look to resolve this?

Many thanks



[Image: xbmc_cmyth.PNG]
[Image: kodi_mythtv.png]
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