No XBMC Subs on Gotham loaded on a MacBook Pro

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I upgraded from Frodo to Gotham on my Mac Book Pro with OS X Maverick and now has been nearly imposible to find any subtitles to work. I've been looking all over the internet and all the info that I can get it is the basic " how to make them active" using the System- Setting-Add On, but I cannot find the XBMC_Subtitles any where in Gotham to load them. Now when I open the subtitles during the movie I can see some subs services that I loaded but they don't works either. Any advice...thanks
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You question is unclear to me - could you reformulate it please? (are you talking about local subtitles or the subtitle search addon?)

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If you have subtitles embedded in the video file, or you have a separate subtitles file, you don't need that add-on.

If you have a separate subtitle file, it should have the same name as the video, except for the extension. And it should be in the same folder.

Then you simply turn subtitles on while watching the movie, using the onscreen display or 'L' on a keyboard to cycle through the subtitle languages.

The add-on business to download them on the fly is a bit more complex and someone else would have to help you with that.

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nothing works for me
with the subtitled
I've done the setup
but do nothing to see
A.U.B help
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