XBMC exits and restarts at music file transitions

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Music  XBMC exits and restarts at music file transitions
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I thought it would be best to start a new thread to describe this issue (bug?).

I have tried this running both Rasbmc and Openelec and the result is the same. With a USB DAC outputting the audio, as soon as the track ends XBMC exits and restarts (with an empty playlist queue). If I switch to HDMI output through the TV speakers, or the Pi's analogue output, playback transitions to the next track in the queue, and the next... as it should. I have a windows installation also and that plays back fine with the USB DAC

Anyone any ideas? I had previously noticed on Openelec that CPU usage jumps up at the music track transitions so I overclocked arm-freq to 800MHz, (CPU usage does not show up in Rasbmc but it is overclocked to 800MHz by default). I assume that there is additional CPU workload in preparing for gapless playback at music track transitions, but why would the Pi's analogue output and HDMI output work OK, but not USB DAC output?
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Can you try this test build? (or whatever is the latest Milhouse build)

It should fix the crash when switching audio tracks with (some) USB audio adaptors.

(Note: this is a nightly/Helix build)
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