Airport Extreme Hdd help

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Trying to connect to xbmc through zeroconf. add videos ect... I can see the hard drive in the smb and apple protocol. But once I select the drive, it times out. The progress circle in the bottom just keeps circling endlessly. Thats what I mean by timing out. I can share files through my xbmc's. I'm using MX2 Jaybob's linux build Gotham 13.1. I've searched everywhere there's no clear answer. Thanks in advance Brad
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Here is what worked for me using XBMC for OUYA, Airport Extreme with shared HDD

On the Airport Extreme, attach a HDD and add a User Account for XBMC. Set up the shared directory structure how you want. might want to go ahead and move some files there for testing afterwards.

2. Choose WINDOWS NETWORK (SMB) as the Protocol
3. BROWSE for the server name
4. From here you should be able to navigate to the HDD. (for example : my path was /WORKGROUP/APE/)
5. Choose OK
6. Back in the ADD NETWORK LOCATION window. Set your SHARED FOLDER, USERNAME and PASSWORD according to the Shared Account was set up on the Airport Extreme
7. click OK
8. Now Choose the new shared location in the list and click OK
9. Name the new MEDIA SOURCE and click OK.

10. Now navigate back to the main XBMC home screen. Go to VIDEOS -> Files -> ADD SOURCE -> BROWSE

The new MEDIA SOURCE for the Airport Extreme HDD should now be in that list and have complete access to the shared content!

Hopes this helps
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