Feature Request - Could we please get a way to specify scheduling options in EPG and/or Timer Edit

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When you schedule a recording in MediaPortal's frontend, you can pick between several options, such as Once, Daily, Weekly, Every time on this channel, Every time on every channel, Weekends, Weekdays (Working days), and Weekly on this channel. In XBMC's MediaPortal plugin, however, when you schedule a recording it seems that it simply schedules it "once" and, unless I a missing something, gives you no way to choose any other option.

Would it be possible to offer the option to select one of these choices when you schedule a recording from the EPG? Or if it's already possible, could someone please explain how? Even if I go into the Timer section and select Edit on an existing timer, it shows no way to pick one of these options.

Adding this would make the EPG a LOT more useful for setting up recordings.
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This already exits, but it depends on the skin you use. Check this thread.
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