is there anyway to make the youtube addon faster or tolerable to use

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smcauley600 Offline
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is there anyway to make the youtube addon on openelec/raspbmc faster it is so slow and to try and watch even a trailer and i end up growing a beard waiting for it
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Milhouse Offline
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Can't say I've ever noticed a problem on a 1GHz Pi with 20Mbps broadband and wired ethernet - YouTube video playback starts in under 10 seconds. Of course ten seconds may be how long it takes you to grow a beard, who knows unless you can be a little more precise.

Try overclocking. Get a faster internet connection. Don't use WiFi. It's rather hard to be precise when you fail to describe the setup that is causing you a problem.

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da-anda Offline
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the addon itself probably could be made more efficient and thus faster. It's also dead slow on my HTPC.
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DBMandrake Offline
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Hmm, can't say that I've noticed the youtube addon itself is unusually slow - on both my Mac and RPi it's generally as fast or faster than most of my other addons. (Problems with login credentials is a whole other issue though... Wink )

Are we talking about navigation speed through the addon, (how long it takes to navigate to each level, do searches etc) how long it takes a video to start after selecting it (buffering etc) or actual video playback ?

Youtube in general can be very slow with buffering on some ISP's in peak times - doesn't matter what device you try to use. I often see problems with the youtube app on my ipad buffering or dropping down to lower quality then back up again every couple of minutes even on a 30Mbps connection which is otherwise performing perfectly normally and gives a full 30mbps on - not enough bandwidth from the ISP to the UK at least this has been an ongoing intermittent issue for a couple of years now on the major ISP's...

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da-anda Offline
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it felt slow in overall usage and I'm not logged it. Only do random searches every once in a while. Maybe addon got better in the meantime - haven't manually used it for some time.
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