Playing recording - "working" indefinately - press stop -> hang.

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robo989 Offline
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Hi there,
As title really.

XBMC 13.1 / tvheadend 3.9.1050 (but happens on all recent builds) / Ubuntu 14.04 x64 / tvheadend xbmc addon 0.9.2 (latest branch offshoot build)

Basically, it seems that every 1 in around 5 attempts at playing a recording for the first time causes XBMC to just display the working animation indefinately at the bottom right of the screen, if stop is pressed the animation freezes and only way of resolving is a soft reboot/shutdown.
Item will then playback successfully without fail.

Seems almost random.

Is this a known issue, would a log be helpful if so what should I include debug/trace, addon only or xbmc too etc.

Thanks in advance.
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Cassiel Offline
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Same here. Accessing via SMB (XBMC & VLC) works without problems. Using XBMC 13.1 on Windows 8.1 x86_64
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negge Offline
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You'll need to post debug logs. In general though you don't need to reboot your computer, you just need to kill XBMC. It's definitely a bug since naturally a misbehaving file shouldn't be able to deadlock the whole program.
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