Play with > TV upnp device - audio track control?

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gomurr Offline
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I use that feature to play a Video on my LG television (dlna).
It works fine using context menu and then "play with"->[TV][LG]47xx602

Subtitles that are muxed in the mkv are working also :-D Very nice.

But I have one problem. Lot's of movies have more than one audio track.
And it is only sending the first audio track to the TV over upnp.
How can I tell xbmc wich audio track to use when streaming to another dlna renderer?
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Ned Scott Offline
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Hmm, good question. XBMC to XBMC, it should allow for a selection of the audio track, but when using "play with", I'm not sure. I'll try and experiment.

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gomurr Offline
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Would be nice if I could setup a default audio track for upnp streams. Or if xbmc would ask me what track to use bevor sending this to device.
But I think there is something like default audio settings. So why is this setting ignored when using "Play With" Feature? Or is it not ignored?... hmm I have to check.
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