Linux - Crashing after removing source

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RobL68 Offline
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I've searched for this question and can't seem to find the answer ("XBMC crashing" comes up with a huge list of results that do not apply).

I am running a normally stable install of Frodo on Ubuntu 11.10 that has been working quite well until recently.

What I had done was move all my source material from two small drives (one drive, two partitions) to one large drive. I went through and cleaned out the old HD source in all the movie/music/television etc categories and ran the library cleanup each time.

Now, when XBMC starts up and does the auto scan, it will crash... if I plug the old drive back in, XBMC will start up just fine.

How can I get the old source completely removed from XBMC?

Thanks very much in advance for any help!

- Rob
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DBMandrake Offline
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Frodo is over a year old now and considered obsolete from a support perspective. (eg developers won't be fixing any bugs in Frodo and most users are no longer using it either so you have much less chance of user to user support with Frodo issues)

Have you tried Gotham to see if you have the same issue there ?

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black_eagle Offline
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debug log (wiki) and a copy of your sources.xml would probably help Wink

Learning Linux the hard way !!
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RobL68 Offline
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Many thanks to black_eagle, got it sorted out.

The sources.xml file had a <PROGRAMS> tag that referenced the drive that was removed. Snipped out the tag, problem solved.

Thanks again!
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